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We believe in working with each organization individually to maximize their fundraising efforts. Our diverse product offerings ensure that there is something for you no matter where you live, or how much you want to contribute. Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up on the home page and a Steiner Sports Charity Representative will contact you. Once you are ready to join, submit your W9 and complete a Vendor form to receive a code that will earn money for your organization on discounted memorabilia.

2. Share the code with your organization and start Fundraising online or over the phone with a representative. The online shopping experience is identical to and includes charity items and prices.

3. Add the perfect item to a home or office and receive the proceeds for your organization the next month.


Fill in the information below to learn how to join the program! A member of Steiner Sports Charity Department will contact you within 24 hours.

Charity Auction Solutions:

Steiner Sports has been servicing charity auctions for over two decades. To maximize the auction potential and eliminate risk, items are offered on consignment at a charity rate of nearly 30% off. We will work with you to create a list of unique auction items targeted at your event attendees. All proceeds above the charity rate benefit the cause, and if an item does not sell simply send it back at no charge. Call or send us an email for more information.

Partner Organizations:

We are proud partners with the following organizations:

About Us

Buy for a Cause is powered by Steiner Sports, who has spent 30 years building relationships with more than 2,000 athletes, national relationships with the major sports leagues, and partnerships with the best teams in sports. These relationships are the foundation for the athlete appearances, turnkey events, and digital content Steiner Sports provides. Steiner Sports is also the leading producer of authentic hand-signed memorabilia, which is perfect for charity programs, customer activation, and gifts.